All Candles are not available for purchase until January 31st. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We offer a great selection of custom and personalised wedding unity candle sets for your special day! Choose from a range of designs already created or email us on your idea to design. Personalised Unity Candles are €34.99 for the set of 3.

1. Pink and Blue Floral
2. Gold Designed Greenery
3.Gold Rim Umbrella
4.Greenery Corners
5.Greenery Gold
6.Large Floral
7.Love Birds
8.On Our Wedding Day
9.Pink Greenery

When a loved one has passed, although always present in your heart, a Remembrance candle is a lovely way to signify their presence on your Wedding Day. Personalised remembrance candles are €29.99 and generic candles are €19.99

1. Celtic Cross
2. Cross
2. Dove
5.On Our Wedding Day
6.Simple Cross
7.Gold Heart – In Loving Memory
8.Gold Heart Simple

Mark your little one's first big day with one of our unique Personalised Christening Candles.(€29.99)

1. Christening Candle – Blue Cross
2.Christening Candle – Blue Dove
3 .Christening Candle – Blue Ribbon Cross
4. Christening Candle – Blue Sky
5. Christening Candle – Cross with Sky
6. Christening Candle – On Your Christening Day
7. Christening Candle – Pink Flowers
8. Christening Candle – Pink Welcome
9. Christening Candle – Simple Cross


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