Item                                         Rental price

Wooden arch with chiffon draping    €150.00

Rose tree in stand x 2                           €50.00  

Small pink/white cherry tree x 2.        €50.00

White candle holder stand                  €12each
w. Flicker candle

Set of three silver lanterns                  €50.00
with candles w/Greenery

Hydrangea Urn x 2                               €70.00

22 x glass vase w. real                         €176.00
candles and eucalyptus

22 x glass vase w. flicker                     €110.00
candles and eucalyptus

6 Separate log Candle Holders           €90.00
w. glass vase/ Real candles

6 Separate log Candle Holders           €80.00
w. glass vase/ flicker candles.

Red Aisle Runner (Cathedral Only)     €140.00

Flicker candles (battery supplied)      20 for €40

Room Up lighters (Mood Lighting)     €26 Each

Large (3.2m) cherry tree white           €150.00

Large (3.2m) wisteria tree                   €150.00

Autumn Tree with 3 Logs                    €175.00
and Vases (with Candles)

Gold Harlow                                          €12 each
Table Centre Pieces                            20 for €160

Table Plan (Designed & Printed).       €120.00
With Easel & Lantern

Table Plan (Designed & Printed).       €100.00
Collection Sign Only

Welcome Sign (Designed & Printed)  €120.00
With Easel & Lantern.

Welcome Sign (Designed & Printed) €100.00
Collection Sign Only.

Generic ‘Welcome to our wedding’     €85.00
With Easel & Lantern.

Generic ‘Pick a seat not a side’           €85.00
With Easel & Lantern.

Generic ‘Welcome to our wedding’.   €65.00
Sign (Pick Up)

Generic ‘Pick a seat not a side’           €65.00
Sign (Pick Up)

Easel                                                      €15

6 x Bird cages with moss                    €30.00
and flicker candles

Card Box with clear glass                   €50.00
& distressed wood effect

Green / Cream Post Box                      €50.00

Place name Holders                            70c a piece 
**T&C Applies**

Place Name Printed                             75c a piece

Cake Mirror Display                             €35.00

Gold Candle Stick Holders                 €9 per Set.
Set of 3 (Incl. Candles)

Mirror Plates                                        €3 Each


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087 9398501

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